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Visitor: Sally Kraus - Boston, MA, United States on: 08-14-2007
E-Mail: dj DOT skraus6120 AT friendly-email DOT com

Visitor: roberto minotti - Seattle, Washington, USA on: 08-07-2007
E-Mail: bob AT rgm-associates DOT com
We live a block from Lake Washington and I have been chasing the dream of purchasing of a 24ft. glass Lyman for a year now. Can the hull be painted, effectively? Thanks

Visitor: TIMOTHY J. MALINE - 1230 THOREAU RD. LAKEWOOD, OHIO on: 08-06-2007

Visitor: mark shengle - north canton.ohio on: 08-04-2007
E-Mail: mashengle AT neo DOT rr DOT com
Much thanks for you efforts and passion to keep this traddition going

Visitor: Dave Anderson - Victorville, Ca. on: 08-01-2007

Visitor: Hugh Reed - New Kensington, Pa. on: 08-01-2007
E-Mail: hreed AT koppglass DOT com
I recently purchased a 1960 17 foot runabout. I have started to restore it and will probably be working on it for a year or more. This web site has been very interesting and informative. I'm sure I will be in contact with you throughout the restoration.

Visitor: Tom - Mansfield, Ohio on: 08-01-2007
E-Mail: tm AT mwdlogistics DOT com
Very nice site. I look at it about once a month. When time permits I'll have another Lyman. I rebuilt a 15', a 1949 18'Islander and owned a 21'Inboard years back and really miss it. Thanks to Tom for keeping up the good work on Lymans.

Visitor: Dan Ross - Cleveland, Ohio on: 07-31-2007
E-Mail: dannyboy2 AT woway DOT com
Anybody out there know of what happened to our old 25' Lyman Cruisette Hardtop (Eye Gotcha) sold to a Auggie Kaufmann in Sandusky in the late 80's he owned a construction company called A.K. Construction. Any body know the whereabouts of this boat?

Visitor: ray - 2124 west 5 st columbus ohio on: 07-28-2007
E-Mail: donnb1950 AT yahoo DOT com

Visitor: Steve Sheridan - Saugatuck, Michigan on: 07-20-2007
E-Mail: ssherid5710 AT yahoo DOT com
Great website. It keeps me connected with the rest of the Lyman boat lovers.

Visitor: Shawn Henning - Marblehead, Ohio on: 07-16-2007
E-Mail: Swooshshawn AT aol DOT com
Hey krok..anyone on this site i want a 13,15,18,20,or 21 lyman thanks

Visitor: Frank Zurn - Erie Pa on: 07-11-2007
E-Mail: 4marthaz AT comcast DOT net
Would like to trade a 2004 Ford Sport Trac truck with less than 10,000 hours for a fiberglass Lyman.

Visitor: Rob Blatt - on: 07-05-2007
E-Mail: rblatt AT benchmarkwoodworks DOT com
My father had several Lymans and still has a solid brass water pump for a 138hp Gray Marine V8, brand new still in the box.

Visitor: Matt Connolly - Erie, PA USA on: 06-26-2007
E-Mail: mattc AT velocity DOT net
Really enjoy visiting your site. Just ordered a burgee today. Am interested in learning more about my Lyman. I intend to get it's documentation. Thanx for your assistance. Look forward to more pix.

Visitor: Sally Kraus - Boston, MA, United States on: 06-25-2007
E-Mail: cwt_skraus9605 AT real-cheap-email DOT com
Cool site.

Visitor: Dennis Kinney - Toledo, Ohio on: 06-21-2007
E-Mail: kinneydr AT iwon DOT com
great site

Visitor: EZ - Mansfield Ohio on: 06-20-2007
E-Mail: jdmez13 AT yahoo DOT com
I am thinking about an 18 to 24 foot lyman inboard islander maybe? Can I stop by and talk to you?

Visitor: Joe McLay - 131 Julian Dr. on: 06-18-2007
E-Mail: mclajose5 AT aol DOT com
Having a 1961 16 foot Outboard refinished. anyone know the original color of the floor boards???

Visitor: Michael R Hnytka - Middleburg Hts.,Ohio on: 06-11-2007
E-Mail: mhnytka9323_1 AT wowway DOT com
I have a 1958 runabout 17and a half feet.I am looking for the glass for my windshield,I need a piece for the passenger side.Also I am loking to replace the front deck and all it's other wooden parts. PS I love my Lyman it's been in the family for almost 50 years Lots of memories out on Lake Erie.

Visitor: Ned Kyle - Rockport/Camden, Maine (Mid-coast) on: 06-08-2007
E-Mail: nedkyle AT midcoast DOT com
I run an annual Boat Auction (10 years consequetively) for the Penobscot Bay YMCA. Recently got a 23' l958 Lyman Sleeper (3 berths). Motor = rebuilt 4 years ago. Needs paint/Varnish. Fairly goodcondition. Does anyone have any idea of value? Could use your help ASAP. Thanks!

Visitor: John - John on: 06-05-2007
E-Mail: john699 AT aol DOT com
Very nice site!

Visitor: Emmett Gehres - Van Wert Oh. USA on: 06-05-2007
E-Mail: misterg AT bright DOT net

Visitor: James Ross - Newark, Ohio on: 06-02-2007
E-Mail: jar48cutter AT yahoo DOT com
I have been restoring an 1958,18' Lyman now for the last three years, done what I could afford. I find your website, not only useful for lost parts, but info and archival info very interesting. I enjoy cruising your site. Please keep it up. "Clinker Built"

Visitor: pete brogan - on: 05-30-2007

Visitor: Cynthia Lyman Baucom - Raleigh, NC USA on: 05-29-2007
E-Mail: Barefootcook AT aol DOT com

Visitor: John - John on: 05-28-2007
E-Mail: john878 AT aol DOT com
Very nice site!

Visitor: JAMES STRUNK - VERMILION OHIO on: 05-25-2007

Visitor: mike buchanan - ingleside illinois on: 05-23-2007
E-Mail: buchanan81897 AT aol DOT com
I have a 1941 Wagemaker 15' Wolverine. Please express interest or offer.

Visitor: Roger W. Coveleskie - Litchfield Park , AZ. on: 05-10-2007
E-Mail: brcove AT msn DOT com
Great site, very helpfull. Very usefull to Lyman owners.

Visitor: Sally Kraus - Boston, MA, United States on: 05-08-2007
E-Mail: brm DOT skraus2040 AT real-cheap-email DOT com
I liked your site.

Visitor: Jack London - Miami, FL on: 04-26-2007
E-Mail: sand DOT ball AT hotmail DOT com

Visitor: Greg Schwark - Spencerville, Ohio USA on: 04-21-2007
E-Mail: gas1950 AT aol DOT com
A good web site,keep up the information on Lyman Boats .All so when you go to buy one off the web site.

Visitor: Marsha McVey - Tallahassee, FL USA on: 04-15-2007
E-Mail: m_mcvey AT comcast DOT net
Great resource!!!

Visitor: Chuck & Joyce Gladle - Rushville, NY - USA on: 04-11-2007
E-Mail: gladlec AT aol DOT com
Looking to restore two Lymans. A 15' (?)outboard - early 50's and an 18' Lyman Islander w?4cyl. Gray motor. I have not seen this boat yet and will pick it up in approx. 7 to 10 days and haul her home.

Visitor: Tom Ashleman - on: 04-08-2007
E-Mail: ashleman1 AT hotmail DOT com

Visitor: Tony Sopranzi - St. Augustine, Florida 32080 on: 04-05-2007
E-Mail: tsopranzi AT se DOT rr DOT com
After years of searching, I just acquired "my Lyman" and am in the process of restoring it. She's a 15' front steerer with a walk through center deck.

Visitor: Lewis Martin - Leeds,Maine USA on: 04-03-2007
E-Mail: landsmartin AT fairpoint DOT net
I have a 70s Penn Yan 22ft.It has a 351engine that needs replacing,so I am looking for another engine.

Visitor: John - Leesburg, Va. on: 03-21-2007
E-Mail: capitalimproves AT aol DOT com
Tom, could I mount a wooden windshield on a '74 fiberglas Lyman

Visitor: Joel Tanner - Seattle, WA on: 03-16-2007
E-Mail: jtanner AT atg DOT com
Great site, I'm just starting restoration on a 16.5 and getting a lot accomplished just reading through the forum.

Visitor: Billy Ray Wilcox - Canfield, Ohio U.S.A on: 02-23-2007
E-Mail: apollo11 AT cboss DOT com
I am looking for a stern light for my 13ft.Lyman Leader,if you have one for sale send me an email.Also,this is a very informative site. Thank You

Visitor: Bruce McCain - Oshkosh,Wisconsin on: 02-17-2007
E-Mail: Brucem3 AT sbcglobal DOT net
Looking for a lyman leader in any shape Would like to build new or restore.

Visitor: Alexxcl - on: 02-09-2007
E-Mail: loginitne AT cashette DOT com
Great site, I am bookmarking it!Keep it up! With the best regards! Alex

Visitor: chris erickson - st. paul, mn. usa on: 02-09-2007
E-Mail: sharktooth101 AT peoplepc DOT com

Visitor: Per Warstam - Stockholm Sweden on: 02-07-2007
E-Mail: warstam AT telia DOT com
Hello, great site. IŽll have a problem. I have a greymarine 109 Rd engine , and is reparing it. Is there anyone who know where i could by supplies for it. I have last year bought some in chelseboatworks Wisconsin, but cant get any contact with them now .(is there anybody who knows what happend to them) Hope for any answer.

Visitor: Mason Smith - Long Lake, NY USA on: 02-01-2007
E-Mail: masonsmith AT frontiernet DOT net
I build and restore boats here in the Adirondacks and have just taken apart a 15' Lyman from the Fifties, with a very rotten transom and some rot at the forefoot, so that I am pondering how best to get at the stem. Looks as if the keel system may be hard to take apart and replace, with the garboards clenched with steel (?) clench nails to the plywood keel-cap. Amazed that the plywood is no more rotted than it seems to be, in a 50 year old boat in the water every summer, all summer. The plywood is checked and discolored and damaged at the edges of many planks, but I don't think I need to replank extensively. Wonder if I should move the transom (rebuilt or new?) forward one thickness. Tell me how in the world a boat with nothing in the joints and seams has stayed together so long and rotted so little! Yours---Mason Smith

Visitor: Roger W. Coveleskie - Litchfield Park, AZ. on: 01-20-2007
E-Mail: brcove AT msn DOT com
I think you have a very nice web site and a good idea. Thank You

Visitor: Richard Chamberlain - Syracuse New York United States on: 01-20-2007
E-Mail: rjc1111 AT verizon DOT net
Beautiful fantastic

Visitor: norm grawert - ont canada on: 01-08-2007
E-Mail: yheroux1 AT gmail DOT com
I have been trying to send an email to anyone who has information about Lyman boats. I have an 18 ft runabout that looks like the smaller boat on the cover of the new book "Legend of the Lakes". It has been in dry storage since the early 50's on an island. I wish to bring it home to main land 1 mile from shore. I would like to know how to prepare it for this trip and also what the value may be of a boat in mint condition. Any info would be appreciated and eagerly await a reply. Thank you

Visitor: jim gee - hillsboro,ohio on: 12-23-2006
E-Mail: bettyjo1938 AT peoplepc DOT com
very nice web site; i have a old 1939 lyman sail boat that i bought 34 years ago which i will be restoring in o7, hope to bring it to the sandusky wooden boat show in o7; love lyman and other wooden boats.

Visitor: Gerry Folgmann - Livonia, MI on: 12-16-2006
E-Mail: chuck72713 AT sbcglobal DOT net
I am looking for an 18-21'Lyman

Visitor: Fred Durbin - Erie, Mi Monroe County on: 11-26-2006
E-Mail: fldurb AT chartermi DOT net
Back in this web site again looking for good stuff. Excellent web site Tom as I stated a few days ago in your question and answer pages I aquired the 1970's 26' cruisette and I'm going to restore it. the boat is currently powered with a Chrysler 318 cid 225 hp eng. I have a Chrysler Imperial marine eng sitting in the barn waiting to be put back in service again. It is a "426 D" 325 hp has dual quad AFB carbs on the motor I think this would power the boat very well. What do You think on this matter.

Visitor: Ned - Mississippi on: 11-25-2006
E-Mail: flasherb AT aol DOT com
Great site. Will be coming back regularily to digest all that's here and the new stuff. I had a friend in the late '40's/early '50's who had a 14 footer (I think it was a 14) with a 35 Evinrude on it. I'd like to find it somehow. Suggestions? If so, please email me. Thanks, Ned

Visitor: Fred Durbin - Erie, Mi Monroe County on: 11-25-2006
E-Mail: fldurb AT chartermi DOT net

Visitor: Ted Hans - Cleverdale, New York 12820 on: 11-23-2006
E-Mail: Technoted AT adelphia DOT net
I bought a new 27ft Fiberglas Lyman in 1989 which is very dear to my heart. It's not a woody but looks exactly like one except for the white fiberglas transom. It is much heavier than the several 26' wood Lymans I have owned and will take anything that Lake George throws at her. The cabinet work is beautiful and is in like new condition. I am told that she is built with very expensive BRUNZEEL (sp?) plywood from Holland The company is insured with LLoyds of London and this wood is said to remain solid after being submerged in water for 10 years. Would you have any information on this BRUNZEEL wood?

Visitor: Larry Dudley - Kokokmo,In. USA on: 11-14-2006
E-Mail: dudleys3 AT msn DOT com

Visitor: Anna M. McFall - West Bend, WI Washigtion on: 11-03-2006
E-Mail: sexywolf1979 AT yahoo DOT com

Visitor: Don Locotosh - Box 245 Union Mills N.C. 28167 on: 11-03-2006
E-Mail: baylinerman02 AT aol DOT com
My first boat was a Lyman I will always remember it. I am now looking for a Lyman As a retired person with a lot of boating experience I want another Lyman. Looking for one is really a fun experience.

Visitor: Robert Barr Kayser - Verdi,Nv.-USA on: 11-01-2006
E-Mail: barrkayser AT yahoo DOT com
My father bought a brand new 23' Lyman in 1959. What was unique about the "Barr-Lee" is that it was ordered from the factory painted black with bright red interior!Spent many hours with Dad trolling on Lake Winnepesaukee

Visitor: Ken Bleier - New Port Richey, FL on: 10-29-2006
E-Mail: Kjmb1 AT aol DOT com
GREAT site! I stopped by in Ohio and saw your shop and asked a few questions. Very informative and enjoyable visit.

Visitor: John Donsky - Rochester, NY on: 10-27-2006
E-Mail: john_donsky AT suth DOT com
Tom, Great site! Thanks for signing my/your book. I bought my 1st boat & 1st Lyman yesterday. I am learning from and enjoying your book. The fish are waiting! John

Visitor: Thomas Rasmussen - Brick, N.J., U.S.A. on: 10-26-2006
E-Mail: tdr4569 AT comcast DOT net

Visitor: kenny jones - citrus heights, ca on: 10-14-2006
E-Mail: aaatow7 AT yahoo DOT com

Visitor: Dennis Liming - Sandpoint, Idaho on: 10-09-2006
E-Mail: dennis AT eaglemarinesupply DOT com
We have a customer that wants to put his 26' Cruisette on a Sunstream hydraulic boatlift during the summer boating season. I was curious if anyone has had any experience wiht this?

Visitor: John Hullibarger - Toledo, OH 43612 on: 10-07-2006
E-Mail: jhull AT voyager DOT net

Visitor: Pete - Fayettevile Ga on: 10-05-2006
E-Mail: pete-mgb AT comcast DOT net
Looks like a great site for info

Visitor: Mark Held - Summerville, SC on: 10-03-2006
E-Mail: schelds AT bellsouth DOT net
Great site for these old boats! It reminds me of going on my Uncle Dan's hardtop Lyman at Catawba Island in the 70s.

Visitor: kelly kranz - ridgefield, wa, usa on: 09-30-2006
E-Mail: kelstreeslut AT yahoo DOT com

Visitor: kevin manchester - narragansett ri on: 09-30-2006
E-Mail: kevinmanchester1 AT gmail DOT com

Visitor: Nick & Karen Warrick - Spokane, WA, USA on: 09-19-2006
E-Mail: nick DOT warrick AT acranet DOT com
We have a 1970 26' Lyman Offshore with a 225hp Chrysler Marine engine. The boat was purchased new in 1970 by my father-in-law. We keep the boat on Lake Pend Orielle in northern Idaho. There are several Lyman's on the lake. They are beautiful to look at and fun to cruise. It is exciting to find a website with so much information about these wonderful floating pieces of art.

Visitor: kathy kojm - tallahassee,fl usa on: 09-15-2006
E-Mail: rachkath AT nettally DOT com
great site

Visitor: Juliet Solis - Sacramento, Ca. Sacramento on: 09-13-2006
E-Mail: jsolisj AT comcast DOT net

Visitor: Tom Van Dette - laurelville ohio on: 09-12-2006
E-Mail: vansonsdesign AT afo DOT net
Great site; We bought our first Lyman 1961 19'rounabout at Browns boats/sandusky. An old girl friend used to be a model for brochures in the 70's. Raised in Huron and love Lyman boats. thanks TVD

Visitor: Jack Flatt - Genoa, Oh on: 09-11-2006
E-Mail: J948BU AT aol DOT com
Great web site, with all the info and available photos. Keep up the good work. May get back to having another Lyman. (3 already)

Visitor: KEN WELSHHANS - MARION,OHIO USA on: 09-10-2006

Visitor: wayne yarian - Fayetteville,Georgia USA on: 09-06-2006
E-Mail: sloride58 AT bellsouth DOT net
I love the site,with all the historical info and pictures it's great. being a boat lover this is like candy to a baby.I recently purchased a 20'inboard and will be doing a restoration and I'm glad to have the wealth of info available and hope to meet Dr. Lyman soon!!thanks.

Visitor: david britt - selmer tn. on: 08-30-2006
E-Mail: prideofthefamily AT hotmail DOT com

Visitor: rock - johnsonville sc usa on: 08-29-2006
E-Mail: cpowell AT mccallsinc DOT com

Visitor: WENDELL H. HUGHES - MOULTONBORO, NH on: 08-29-2006

Visitor: Rich Ruth - on: 08-24-2006
E-Mail: wb8uyy AT earthlink DOT net
Very nice web site Tom, I often think of all the good times we had on our boats and otherwise. (Thanks Rich-Ah yes the "Good Ole Days")

Visitor: Tom Ryan - Manorville, NY on: 08-21-2006
E-Mail: tomryan1 AT optonline DOT net

Visitor: Carl Galian - New York, Long Island on: 08-18-2006
E-Mail: carlgalian AT optonline DOT net
Perfect site for me since I just bought a fixer upper Lyman 18.5. Will be needing to order some parts. Also would like to know what size outboard this boat can handle. Can I send a photo of the boat so I can get more information about it.

Visitor: Mary - Grove City Ohio usa on: 08-16-2006
E-Mail: 55hermione AT columbus DOT rr DOT com

Visitor: roger wyrick - corryton, tn. usa on: 08-12-2006
E-Mail: rlwyrick AT bellsouth DOT net

Visitor: Paul Shufelt - on: 08-05-2006
E-Mail: shuboxjr AT bex DOT net
Thank You!!! this site is awesome! Would like to trade parts. What do you say Dr. Lyman?(Paul-Give me a call and we'll see what we can work out-Doc L)


Visitor: debbie limberios - superior , wi on: 07-19-2006

Visitor: Bob Haag - Avon, CT USA on: 07-17-2006
E-Mail: thehaags AT juno DOT com
Awesome web site. The excellent search function in the Q&A page is a huge help.

Visitor: kay stephens - thornville,oh, usa on: 07-16-2006
E-Mail: mariciakay AT msn DOT com
My husband and I are looking for a cheap boat with a motor and trailer . We would like to go fishing on the lake. Please let us know if anyone might help us out, thanks kay

Visitor: roger ebersole - shelby,ohio on: 07-13-2006
E-Mail: rmhe AT brightnet DOT net
looking for 57-65 Lyman . 15-17' outboard, to work on for next season. preferably in Ohio. will use out of Sanduaky area.

Visitor: Shaun - London on: 07-12-2006
E-Mail: shaunpaul AT btinternet DOT com
Looks ok

Visitor: JEFF REEP - ASHLAND,OHIO on: 07-12-2006
E-Mail: jeffareep AT ashlandcomfort DOT com
Hi Tom! I'm looking for new hardware for my ladder. Specifically the two top ladder handle brass mounting hooks. can you help me out? Thanks,Jeff

Visitor: Jeff - Huron Ohio USA on: 07-11-2006
E-Mail: gndvc at yahoo
Loved the site! May be in the market in a couple years (once the kids are big enough)and would only buy a Lyman.

Visitor: curt - maple ridge bc canada on: 07-10-2006
E-Mail: cmalawsky11 AT hotmail DOT com
I have a 1989 bayliner bass trophy and need to know the gross weight and was looking for replacement parts<thanks

Visitor: David Spaulding - Windham, ME, USA on: 07-09-2006
E-Mail: david DOT spaulding AT alr-inc DOT com
We just bought the 1958 19-foot Runabout "Wild Rumpus" that had been listed in your brokerage page and we've been having a gas with it. Your website is a great resource -- I know we'll be checking back often. Thanks!

Visitor: Sarah - on: 07-04-2006
E-Mail: sarah AT yahoo DOT com
best regards, nice info

Visitor: Tom Morhouse - Ticonderoga, NY 12883 on: 07-03-2006
E-Mail: tmorhouse AT nycap DOT rr DOT com
I found number W1115 any information. Tom

Visitor: Charles and Virginia Glahn - Cleveland, NY, USA on: 07-02-2006
E-Mail: vglahn AT usadatanet DOT net
We have a 1968 Lyman 24' boat that we received from my father/father-in-law that needs some repairs on the hull(a few small holes in the wood). It has been in dry storage for many years. It does not have a motor on it. We are looking to sell it or the parts. Where can we post it or the parts, and approximately how much would it be worth?

Visitor: David McNair - Dayton, TX on: 07-01-2006
E-Mail: mcnairds AT yahoo DOT com
Owner of a '63 16 foot outboard Lyman. Dad gave it to me and I brought it to Texas. The Lyman gets a lot of looks and thumbs up signs when I am cruising in the Galveston Island Bay Area of the Gulf of Mexico.

Visitor: John - on: 06-29-2006
E-Mail: john AT yahoo DOT com
I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you!

Visitor: m lemley - spokane, wa 99205 on: 06-29-2006
E-Mail: medmanmjl AT yahoo DOT com
thompson lapstrake 23ft runabout

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