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Visitor: Norm Charland, Twin Lake Mich. USA - on: 03-09-1998
E-Mail: Phitter AT aol DOT como
Am looking for an aluminum boat lift for our 1960, 23ft, sleeper (E-1839). If you have one for sale, please drop me some email with details. Thanks.

Visitor: Neva, Wilburton, Oklahoma, USA - on: 03-09-1998
E-Mail: hbaker AT eosc DOT cc DOT ok DOT usc
Quite an interesting site to browse in. Being my first visit I need to become more familiar with what is offered. We don't own a Lyman, just was interested in letting you know that I have shared the Racing Cutter's name 'NEVA' for 75 years. So I've learned much from visiting in your website tonight. Thanks for a great site. Keep up the good work!

Visitor: George Yates - on: 03-08-1998
E-Mail: chyates AT juno DOT com DOT
I own a 1963 15ft Navigator built by Penn Yan. It is very similar to Lyman.

Visitor: Rick Matson, Warrenton, Virginia, USA - on: 03-08-1998
E-Mail: InParadise AT erols DOT comc
What a great site. I am not a Lyman owner, but am restoring a 17'1962 Thompson and 10' 1954 Pen Yan Swift. Will be a Clayton for the Race Boat Regatta and with any luck will have the Swift ready. Interested in hearing from Va,Md restoration folks. Cheers..rm

Visitor: Michael J. Chudzinski, Fremont, Ohio, USA - on: 03-08-1998
E-Mail: skis AT nwohio DOT comc
My 1963 25foot Lyman still afloat. The stem you made me 1991 works fine with no problem. This year I'm replaceing some bottom boards. If I have any problems, I won't hesitate to ask.

Visitor: Daniel C. Tolerton, Akron, OH, USA - on: 03-07-1998
E-Mail: DTOLERTON AT aol DOT com
I have been without a boot for several years and am thinking about a Lyman since I have watched them on Lake Erie since I was a small boy. I'll have to keep an eye on the boats that are for sale

Visitor: Ma Group Mentor, Ohio - on: 03-05-1998
E-Mail: marguerite AT greatlakesmarine DOT como
Because of all your help I am now able to view your wonderful web site and to say the least, I am very impressed. It really is most impressive and interesting but whoever the good looking guy is that posed for the photograph I would suggest you give him a raise! Thank you for also helping Greg, who is now helping me. Try to stay out of trouble.. Send me a funny EMail. Love you, Bye!

Visitor: Earl Oakley - on: 03-05-1998
E-Mail: efoakley AT ipass DOT net
This ismy 1st stop at your site. As a lover of wooden boats I'm sure I'll be back to drool and maybe find my next boat!!

Visitor: Rodney Keller 5450 Pine Bluff Rd. Columbus Ohio 43229 - on: 03-04-1998
E-Mail: None

Visitor: Rodney Keller 5450 Pine Bluff Road Columbus, OH. 43229 - on: 03-04-1998
E-Mail: rod DOT keller AT juno DOT come
I have a 1958 16 1/2ft. Lyman runabout. It was my Grandfather's, which he bought in 58. I have not explored your web page that much yet, but I will. I grew up with this boat and it is my heart and soul. Right now it is in storage until I finish graduate school in Cincinnati. It is in excellent condition. I have many questions, but for right now, where in Crawford County (Bucyrus) or in Columbus can I get it appraised for insurance purposes? Please let me know. this web page is a dream come true. Thank you very much. Rod Keller

Visitor: Mark F. Stevens Ocean Springs, MS USA - on: 03-03-1998
E-Mail: None
Just purchased a 1955 16 foot Lyman, and I'm looking forward to running her in the bays, bayous and the Mississippi sound this year. Would like to here from others in the Southeast US, or others with tips on the care and feeding of this fine craft.

Visitor: Chadwick Fresno Ca - on: 03-02-1998
E-Mail: jchad54481 AT aol DOT comm
I own 15 foot lyman runabout #21239 with 35hp evenrude, boat has been redone with west system . looking for help on redoing interior, 2 + coats paint. WEB SITE IS GREAT.

Visitor: CAPT. DENNIS OBRAITS, WOODSTOCK, IL. USA - on: 03-02-1998

Visitor: Oliver True III West Bloomfield,Michigan - on: 03-01-1998
E-Mail: None
My grandfather owned a 1958 18' lyman as well as a 23' islander in the 60's. I grew up in Port Clinton, Ohio and began my years of boating Lake Erie on those precious lyman's. Long live those old wooden lyman's.

Visitor: Reese Rickards Wyoming, Michigan - on: 02-28-1998
E-Mail: reese AT b93 DOT coml
Hi Doc, It's been a couple of months since I posted an update! Thanks so much for all of your fast help in getting parts to us. I went through alot of old screws in the disassembly process. The years of varnish on my old '49' Lyman made it impossible to get some out without stripping the heads. I had the good fortune of finding a local woodworker who was able to repair the rear seat back. A corner of the seat had broken off. My father in law, God Bless him, offered to repair it. He used biscuits and clunky old braces on the back, and then he used in a piece of pine board as a replacement. It just didn't quite do the trick. The folks locally were able to replace it with a piece of mahogany. All I have to do now is convince him I sanded and stained that pine so it really does llok like the real thing. The hull is painted, the interior sanded, restained, and I've got eight coats of varnish on her now! The boat has been named, the 'Kimmy Jo' in honor of the wife. I was able to track down the original dealer on Gun Lake, Michigan (long out of business). He claimed to remember the boat, but that was all he could offer. I guess I'll have to order the documentation package next. Kim bought me a burgee for Valentines Day, and it looks terrific. I'll be putting the seats back this afternoon if the weather holds, and then a couple more coats of varnish. I cringed at the thought of using a brush on the project, and bought a Wagner electric spray gun. It made the job a breeze! I was able to find a distributor cap for my old '59' Evinrude 50 horse. Only $125 dollars. YIKES! For anyone else out there, the cap wires UNSCREW! Don't yank on them. It doesn't work. I need to pick up some dacron (non-stretching) rope for the steering cables, and then I think by this time next week, I'll have the motor running, and I'll just be waiting for the weather to really improve enough for our first voyage! It's very exciting. I think with the income tax refund I'll be buying a scanner for the computer, and I send along a picture. We're still watching for updates on the Lyman Special on the Outdoor Channel. All the best! Reese

Visitor: Ed Deming, Mystic, CT, USA - on: 02-28-1998
E-Mail: edwardd707 AT aol DOT comn
Great site. I've got a 1960 Lyman Sea Skiff 19-5 with a 109 grey flat six. It's been in covered storage every year of its life (my Dad bought it new when I was five), and is being fully restored on Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada, by a good friend, Mike Corrigan, who does exceptional restoration work. Your web site is one I'll be back to a lot. Great info, and good layout.

Visitor: Larry Heckner - on: 02-28-1998
E-Mail: klheckner AT mindspring DOT comi
Your boats are beautiful. How do they do in salt water? I'd like to know more about Lyman boats and their history to determine the value of a restoration project. Where can I find a reference book?

Visitor: Dan Spitler Marblehead,Ohio - on: 02-27-1998
E-Mail: dlspitler AT ovh DOT state DOT oh DOT us
I have a 1962 21' Lyman 188 Fireball V8 , sure to enjoy your web page. ' SEE YOU IN MARBLEHEAD '

Visitor: Bob Hennig, Marblehead, Ohio, USA - on: 02-21-1998
E-Mail: christypa AT intelliworks DOT net
I worked at the Lyman Boat Works factory in Sandusky, Ohio back in 1970-72. This web site was a great idea! Lyman boats are great rough water boats and we have enjoyed it on Lake Erie .We have a 1972 26ft. Lyman hardtop cruisette with solid teak decks / trailer for sale. Unfortunately, we have outgrown it and need more room.

Visitor: Dan Ray, Lake Hartwell Anderson, SC - on: 02-18-1998
E-Mail: danray AT innova DOT netw
Relocated to South Carolina in '91, from islands area of Lake Erie. A friend had a 16' Lyman. Great boat for Lake Erie chop. e

Visitor: Brad Beckwith, DeLeon Springs, FL, USA - on: 02-16-1998
E-Mail: beckwith AT n-jcenter DOT com DOT
Have noticed most or all of your Lymans for sale are in Ohio. Do you have any info on Lymans for sale south of the Mason-Dixon line? Had a 15' Lyman with a 25hp Evinrude in NY 1952-54. Moved to Florida and was told that it was too damp here for wooden boats (rot and mildew). True? In what year did Lyman switch from mahogany to plywood planking?

Visitor: Garrett Brownell , Marquette, MI - on: 02-13-1998
E-Mail: Hiawatha AT up DOT net DOT
I am restoring a 1959 19' w/ 109 grey engine...sure could use some photos of the same vintage(1955-1960) the entire original interior is gone and I would like to restore the dash, seats and engine compartment to original...please contact me if you can help....thanks Garrett

Visitor: Rick Kolinski Toledo, Oh USA - on: 02-13-1998
E-Mail: kmkolinski AT juno DOT comc
I'm currently looking for a 25' hard top Lyman. Enjoy your webpage. Checking your calendar of events. Waiting for the program on classic boats to appear.

Visitor: GARY GEAMPA PENDLETON, NY - on: 02-12-1998
E-Mail: wolfdnce AT aol DOT comk
just wanted to say hello ! will get a better look the next time i visit here. am a bit rushed tonite. i have a 20' imboard runa- bout, 1954 C1014 am thinking of selling it let you know.

Visitor: Dwight Saffel - Plano, TX USA - on: 02-12-1998
E-Mail: dsafcon AT earthlink DOT netm
I wish I had known about this site 15 years ago. I could have used some help when I was restoring my 16' Lyman runabout.

Visitor: Tim & Brenda Walsh, Kingston, Ontario,Canada - on: 02-10-1998
E-Mail: twalsh AT sprint DOT cak
Just in case you try to E-mail us, the correct E-mail address is here . (We're new at this]

Visitor: Tim and Brenda Walsh Kingston, Ontario. - on: 02-09-1998
E-Mail: twalsh AT sprint DOT come
We have a 1959 17' outboard, she's named 'Summery Conviction' as I am a law enforcement officer. I think that's a very funny name, and you better too or I'll bust your sorry butt. We've been sanding and painting for months and I'm looking foreward to launching it. It floats most excellently on my back lawn and I'm hoping it'll keep Lake Ontario at bay. I'll be in the Alexandria Bay area all season, and I'm looking foreward to giving Russ Walt some competition at the wood boat shows.

Visitor: Bill Hintz Avon Lake, Ohio USA - on: 02-09-1998
E-Mail: Blintz AT centuryinter DOT net
Love your web site. I've owned a Lyman boat off and on for the last 27 years. I just can not stay away from them. Right now I own a 1959 17' Runabout with the original 1959 Johnson motor. It's in very good condition, except when I bought it someone had put on a plastic windshield, which I would like to replace one day. Keep up the good work.

Visitor: Greg Mees Sandusky, Ohio - on: 02-05-1998
E-Mail: greggie23 AT aol DOT come
Just bought a 22 ft owner.....boathouse kept.......i want to become me if you need me to look around sandusky for you!!.....419-625-4260........greg

Visitor: Pete Murphy - on: 02-03-1998
E-Mail: peter DOT murphy AT dprcssb DOT edu DOT on DOT cam
Great to finally find the Lyman page! I have owned an 1953 18' Islander for 20 years. I'm 2nd owner, bought her at marina auction, original owner died and it was left in storage. Spent her whole life on Georgian Bay, Parry Sound area in Ontario. Sorry to say she is in pretty sad shape right now. Hull spreading so that now the seat back doors clear the stops. Don't know what to do. Is this a common problem? Can you give me an idea of value. I've never seen another one up here in Canada, were many sold here? Thanks

Visitor: mike,wadsworth,ohio,united states - on: 02-02-1998
E-Mail: None
I am a 13 year old man and I am fascinated on lyman boats. Could you send me a copy of your lyman magazines. P.S. Could you please send it to Mike belfi,jr 164 s.pardee wadsworth,ohio,44281 PLEASE HURRY!

Visitor: Norm Charland, Muskegon, MI, USA - on: 02-02-1998
E-Mail: phitter AT aol DOT comr
Fantastic site. Visit it often and learn something every time. Have recently purchased a 1960, 23 foot sleeper. Am attempting to spruce it up a bit before getting it wet. Anyone with a similar style boat, please forward comments and suggestions. Thanks Tom for providing a forum to discuss and learn more about Lyman boats.

Visitor: Curtis Koch - on: 02-01-1998
E-Mail: atty4u AT accnorwalk DOT come
Very nice page. I have included a linc to it on SYC On-Line, the Unofficial Home page of the Sandusky Yacth Club locaterd at Please visit us.

Visitor: Daniel Hadam, Medina, Oh USA - on: 02-01-1998
E-Mail: HotWhlzs AT AOL DOT COMs
Great page Tom, Its great for people like me to find out about others who have the same interest.

Visitor: Daniel Hadam Medina, Ohio - on: 02-01-1998
E-Mail: HotWhlzs AT AOL DOT COMs
If anyone knows who has a small Lyman for sale, 13-16 foot that is reasonable, let me know, thanks.

Visitor: Caroline Morrell Wooster, Oh. USA - on: 02-01-1998
E-Mail: Morrelcb AT acs DOT wooster DOT edu DOT
Lymans are the BEST!!!!!!! Love ya 'Last Chance'...or whatever your name is going to be!! Care

Visitor: caroline Morrell Wooster/Ohio/USA - on: 02-01-1998
E-Mail: morrelcb AT acs DOT wooster DOT edu DOT
Interested in upcoming Lyman shows..... Tell me about your boat. I have pictures of my sweety's boat to share with anyone who may be interested. :) oxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Visitor: Daniel Hadam - on: 02-01-1998
E-Mail: None
Well Caroline, thats the name 'Last Chance' we finally decided. Hope to see all of you this summer in my home port of Huron. Im the 'River Rat' out there, love ya Care, Dan, Isnt it great how you can get your girl to love your Lyman!!!

Visitor: CAROLINE MORRELL USA - on: 02-01-1998
E-Mail: None

Visitor: joan brubaker watkins glen ny usa - on: 01-31-1998
E-Mail: jbpilotess AT aol DOT comc
am in the process of restoring a '54 islander. hope to be on seneca lake this summer. come on by...

Visitor: Gary Borsos, Bay Village, Ohio, USA - on: 01-29-1998
E-Mail: garyb AT cybersets DOT com
Trying a new net server. Email to above and I will try to answer

Visitor: Steve Johnson ,Des Plaines,IL - on: 01-28-1998
E-Mail: MrBigJohns AT AOL DOT comm
I like your boats and website.

Visitor: Pat Norris - on: 01-27-1998
E-Mail: cpatnorris AT aol DOT comm
Great stuff. Can't wait for Spring. Have two 15' OUTBOARD RUNABOUTS. 1946 and 1957. LOVE THEM.

Visitor: Scott Kime, Columbus, OH, USA! - on: 01-26-1998
E-Mail: scottkime AT AOL DOT comm
just bought a 1958 - 16' runabout with outboard. Cant' wait to work on her. It's in fair condition, restored 1994. saw water spring 1997. If the 'boat doctor' has a catalog, please send. Lexington, OH is not too far away, can we visit the shop?

Visitor: Sue Levy, Ohio, USA - on: 01-25-1998
E-Mail: None
Hi Tom, Fantastic web site! The cat boat is a real beauty. Nice meeting you at the boat show with greg. P.S. Greg's web site looks great, I'll have to visit when it's completed. Bye!

Visitor: mike belfi,wadsworth,ohio.united satates - on: 01-25-1998
E-Mail: None
Hi I am 13 years old and I am faccinated with lyman boats.I have a twin brother Matt and we own a 13' boat we are fix it up right now. I have a father that owns two boats one is a 16' and the oter is a 23' boat and they are not for (sail)ha ha ha.

Visitor: Mac and Adele MacGregor - on: 01-23-1998
E-Mail: MM9179 AT aol DOT com DOT n
This is a great looking set-up Tom. I congratulate you and wish you the best of luck.

Visitor: Jim Rickard Port Clinton, Oh. - on: 01-23-1998
E-Mail: Rickard AT cros DOT net
very interesting - we have several Lymans for sale here at Rickard Marine- if you're interested in knowing what we have available, let us know.

Visitor: JR Fuller, Central Square, NY, USA - on: 01-19-1998
E-Mail: Highrocks AT aol DOT comt
Your page is a Serendipity. Have a 1956 Lyman 18' outboard. Float about on Oneida Lake & out of Hendeson Harbor.

Visitor: Cheri Dalrymple,Monroe, Mi. - on: 01-17-1998
E-Mail: cheri AT foxberrt DOT net
I found your page very informative and will continue to view it.

Visitor: Dheri Dalrymple - on: 01-17-1998
E-Mail: cheri AT foxberry DOT net
I misspelled my e-mail address earlier. also we have a 1961, 20ft runabout that we love

Visitor: Bill Rantz, Kalamazoo, MI - on: 01-16-1998
E-Mail: rantz AT wmich DOT edun
Great Lyman web page! I have my grandfather's 1957 15' Lyman speedboat, with a 1956 30hp Johnson outboard, which he purchased new in 1957. I am in the process of refinshing the entire boat. Any suggestions on how to refinish the interior lapstrake?

Visitor: Ted Macejko, III - on: 01-14-1998
E-Mail: tmacejko AT metlife DOT com
Grandpa purchased the 19' runabout in 1969 and still owns it my goal is to purchase it or one similar. The boat has provided the family 28 years off enjoyment without fail. I for tthis reason chose to live aboard the boat I own, a 1967 57' Constellation with my wife and two sons. I'll be in touch.

Visitor: Dick Russell, Snellville, Ga. (outside of Atlanta) - on: 01-13-1998
E-Mail: richard_russell AT bigfoot DOT com DOT
This is a great website. I am interested in finding a 1950's lyman 13 - 15 ft. long that is structurally sound. Please let me know what I should expect to pay for something like this with a trailer and motor approx. 30 - 35 hp that turns over. Keep up the good work - also where can I get information on the web about Century's from the 1950's? Dick Russell

Visitor: Bob Chromik Maumee,Ohio - on: 01-13-1998
E-Mail: Bookbug419 AT aol DOT como
Tom! Outstanding web page. I'm docked at Bay View Yacht Club 'Toledo' Maumee River/ Lake Erie with several other Lyman boys, including 'Tackle Box' Jim Steele and our own 'Boat Doctor' Ollie Kesling. Your information and services were long needed. I will pass the word. Thanks!

Visitor: mike moir westlake ,ohio, U.S.A. - on: 01-12-1998
E-Mail: mmoir AT aol DOT come
HI tom just found your site WOW fantastic! I currently own two lymans. A 18ft. 1956 Islander side wheeler with a 4cyl. chris-craft (hercules). also a 15.5 ft. 1958 runabout outboard with the origanal johnson 30hp. this boat took me 2 years to restore. both boats are what i consider in very fine condition. My boats and i can be found every weekend on sandusky bay (they feel at home there). To all in the area see you at the sand bar

Visitor: Ted Colebourne - on: 01-12-1998
E-Mail: abcpowdr AT eagle DOT cai
Very pleased to find you web site. I am one of the later version owners of the fine Lyman line of boats. My boat was built in 1972 and has always been kept inside when not in use , it's like the day it came out of the factory. We had to replaced canvas last year and have made some interesting changes that get rave reviews where ever we go. We boat mainly in the St Lawrence River area but since purchaseing a trailer resently we hope to visite waterways previously not accessible to us. I love the old wooden versions but please do not forget us we are part of the heritage too.

Visitor: Clint Paulette Waynesburg Ohio USA - on: 01-11-1998
E-Mail: YJFREAK AT aol DOT comc
GREAT sight!!! I've been in love with Lyman's ever since my dad had one in the early eighties. I was going to build a boat but now have decided to find a Lyman. I am currently looking for a project. Anybody that has a Lyman project boat for sale email me, Please! I'm having trouble locating one in my area.

Visitor: Mark Gallagher Toledo,OH - on: 01-10-1998
E-Mail: 105213,236 AT compuserve DOT como
It is a great web page Tom & what a resource. This clearly reflects the quality service you provide. Good Luck and I will will likely be sending my 26Ft to you @ the end of the '97 season for a little work....

Visitor: anthony lyman, south jordan, ut, usa - on: 01-08-1998
E-Mail: LLyman1 AT aol DOT comu

Visitor: Ron Wight 2321 Springville Dr. Plover, WI. 54467 - on: 01-07-1998
E-Mail: rwight AT coredcs DOT comr
Thanks for providing this great service. It's nice to know how and where to get in touch with Lyman enthusiasts.

Visitor: Matt Beck, 536 Ashland Ave., Buffalo, NY 14222 USA - on: 01-06-1998
E-Mail: Beckdev AT aol DOT comL
This is a great idea and I'm very interested in anything Lyman. Glad to see you taking the initative. Thanks Matt Beck @

Visitor: JANAI & BART MEYER - on: 01-06-1998

Visitor: William McCotter - on: 01-06-1998
E-Mail: bjmac AT beaufortco DOT come

Visitor: Chris Jasinski N. Tonawanda N.Y. USA - on: 12-28-1997
E-Mail: crj2 AT acsu DOT buffalo DOT eduG
I find that your web- site is very interesting, and I plan on using it for future reference. Thank you.

Visitor: Reese Rickards Wyoming, Michigan - on: 12-28-1997
E-Mail: reese AT b93 DOT como
Hi Doc, I'm still sanding my 1949 15' Lyman in the Garage! Thank goodness for mild winters. I was in a real quandry two weeks ago. I had sanded the hull down to the point I really had to get hte boat off the trailer to finish the job. The wife and I took the hull to the local car wash to wash off the excess pants chips and sawdust, and as I pulled out, ran up on the curb. I'd never seen a boat off off a trailer in my rear view mirror before. A fellow in traffic helped me put the boat on the trailer upside down, and I took it home where I discovered damage was non-existant... Oh I'm glad I took the windshield off, along with every other piece of wood in the boat! I am still trying to track down a distributor cap for a 59 Evinrude 50 horse four cylinder engine (should any of the folks surfing through here have any ideas) I hope to have the hull striped, and the first coat of primer on by next weekend! Happy New Year! Reese

Visitor: Jules Womeldorf - on: 12-26-1997
E-Mail: mrnec AT ix DOT netcom DOT come
Hi Dr. Lyman! I love your website. Hope to see you over the Holidays. Jules

Visitor: Robert Elander Waltham ma - on: 12-26-1997
E-Mail: woodduckboy webTV DOT netG
I enjoyed your page. I have a 25ft. sleeper 1966.

Visitor: JULIE GROBOLSEK - on: 12-24-1997
E-Mail: beaconmetal AT msn DOT come

Visitor: Bob McCarthy - on: 12-24-1997
E-Mail: rclmc AT cobweb DOT netc
I think it's the greatest web page I've ever seen on the net. Quick too. I am the proud owner of a 1962 Lyman 16' runabout. Send free parts!!!!!

Visitor: Omar Imar - on: 12-23-1997
E-Mail: o2468 AT gte DOT nets
Love this web page, one of the best I've seen thus far. I am presently restoring a 1960 16' runabout. So far, knock on wood, (Ha,ha.) I have not replaced anything. It all seems to be in good condition. The way I figure it, either she floats, or I'll have an 1:1 scale model to put on display. Omar.

Visitor: don minor laconia n.h. usa - on: 12-18-1997
E-Mail: drm AT worldpath DOT neto
i bought my first lyman in 1962, then sold it after i got married. i was without a lyman until 1992 when i was at clayton ton at the auction and saw my boat that i had owned many years before and just had to have it. it is a 15foot out- board 1956. since then i have bought a 1961 20 foot model, a 1965 24 foot model and a 1956 13 and a half model. i am active in the local boat clubs and also have many other wood boats.

Visitor: Don Mossman - on: 12-17-1997
E-Mail: mossman1 AT accnorwalk DOT com
nice site. Cool picture. I didn't know there was such a place! DM

Visitor: Jack Martin, PO Box 3280, Page, AZ 86040 - on: 12-12-1997
E-Mail: kaefer AT page DOT az DOT netk
I was looking for a place to purchase marine plywood to make some repairs to to 17' - 6' Lyman outboard. I see that you supply transums. I need a new transum and the aft deck. What would these costs be. Thanks Jack Martin

Visitor: Rex & Janet Emans MY DREAM II - on: 12-12-1997
E-Mail: None

Visitor: Rex & Janet Emans MY DREAM II - on: 12-12-1997
E-Mail: None
Looks GREAT , TOM & DEBBIE & KIDS How are you , We are good see you at the show in Jan.

Visitor: Joyce & Bob Bilek West Salem, Ohio - on: 12-11-1997
E-Mail: jbilek AT bright DOT nett
Bob is not into computers, but when I looked up your page, and said Lyman Boats, he showed up in a hurry! He is familiar with your work from articles he has read. Also has a Lyman in his shop. We love the page, you have done a wonderful job. He will be over to see you, I know. P.S. I am sending our daughter over to do some Christmas shopping for Dad. SSHHHH, thats a secret! Happy Holidays! We'll be back to glean more of your wonderful info. Thanks..

Visitor: Mike Mayne / Edgecomb Boat Works, 957 Boothbay Rd., Edgecomb, ME 04556 - on: 12-10-1997
E-Mail: ebw AT wiscasset DOT nett
Great page Tom!

Visitor: dave sambdman dixon il usa - on: 12-10-1997
E-Mail: rusty AT cin DOT net DOT
a real helpful page - would appreciate more Lyman photos

Visitor: David Robertson - on: 12-09-1997
E-Mail: ddr AT marketel DOT co DOT za
Dr Lyman. Back to your enjoyable web site again and was suprised to see the number of visitors leaving comments. Just proves Lymans and wooden boats in general are here for a long, long time. With temperatures in the mid 80's and the summer just beginning here, I'm thinking about boating in a little different way than you are. Of course there are very few lakes or places for small craft in South Africa. The exception of course is the ocean, but that takes work around areas like the Horn. Try this new address there should be no problem now.

Visitor: Mark Kugelman,Chagrin Falls,Ohio 44023 440-543-9244 - on: 12-05-1997
E-Mail: None

Visitor: Mark Kugelman Chagrin Falls,Oh.44023 1-440-543-9244 - on: 12-05-1997
E-Mail: mkugelman AT parker DOT come
Great site. Looking for 60s 70s,22-25' soft top.Trailer if available not a must.Contact me with details at above addresses or FAX@ 1-216-896-4034 .

Visitor: Don Waite Punta Gorda, Fl. USA - on: 12-05-1997
E-Mail: donwaite AT nut-n-but DOT netm
John Salyer and I enjoyed looking at your web site. We might consider consider buying a Lyman from you somtime in the future! See You on The Net! Don Waite

Visitor: Stephen Kohnle, Wells, ME USA - on: 12-05-1997
E-Mail: Blackelk1 AT aol DOT coma
Great Web page. I am restoring a 1956 Lyman for my Dad as a Christmas present. He does not know about it as yet. I have replaced the transom, deck and floor, hope to complete the paint and varnish before X-Mas. I have restored Chris Crafts and an Old Town Sea Model before. During the restoration of this Lyman, I have become hooked with Lyman boats. I'm looking for another wooded lyman (pre 1965) for myself.

Visitor: Dan Moulton - on: 12-05-1997
E-Mail: moul AT ismi DOT netc
Enjoyed the website. My father worked for Lyman during the 50s &60's. He worked in repair (mostly woodworking and some mechanical. He told me he built the first transom for the modern hull (he claimed it was made from utele (sp?)). After he lost his seniority he left the company and worked on his own until he retired. As a kid ,I spent more hours in the bilge of Lyman's bucking nails for my old man than I care to remember. I have more reason to be nostalgic for these boats than most people. We used to have a ton of old parts around our home, but my mother got rid of most all of it over time. I still love the smell of mahogany saw dust I grew up with. A few years ago I bought a 13' 1941 Ideal which is in pretty bad shape. It sits in my shop waiting for my restoration, which is scheduled to begin in about 24 years when I retire. I may call and order a hat. Dan Moulton :-)

Visitor: Ed Rosenberger Olathe, Kansas -- U.S.A. - on: 12-04-1997
E-Mail: Jetjok212 AT aol DOT comc
Excellent info on this websight for deeping those wooden boats in A-1 condition.

Visitor: Jiim McCabe, Bedford, NH - on: 12-03-1997
E-Mail: None

Visitor: Cliff Jones - on: 12-01-1997
E-Mail: CLJ1997 AT aol DOT como
I am very much interested in knowing more about the fiberglass Lymans. I saw one recently in the !000 Islands and it was absolutely gorgeous. It was maybe 26' with a soft top, inboard, wood windshield and wood trim inside. I never thought anything about the plastic Lymans until I saw this. Now I want to trade my mint 26' Penn Yan soft top for one. And I love my Penn Yan !

Visitor: Richard T. Johnson - on: 11-28-1997
I grew up with Lymans on Cape Cod. I was excited to hear about your web page. Keep up the tradition!!!! LYMAN's are #1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Visitor: Rick, Candy & Alex Reis - on: 11-27-1997
E-Mail: rcareis AT tusco DOT net
Enjoy your website. Have a question . . . We have a 1960 Lyman, it needs some cosmetic work. We have had it for a year and literally love it. Want to join clubs and learn all about Lyman Boats. We will be refinishing the mahogany and would like some tips on approaching this project. Also, we would like more information on the history of our particular boat, and, Lymans in general. Keep up the good work!

Visitor: Rick, Candy & Alex Reis - on: 11-27-1997
E-Mail: rcareis AT tusco DOT net
Enjoy your website. Have a question . . . We have a 17 ft. outboard 1960 Lyman, it needs some cosmetic work. We have had it for a year and literally love it. Want to join clubs and learn all about Lyman Boats. We will be refinishing the mahogany and would like some tips on approaching this project. Also, we would like more information on the history of our particular boat, and, Lymans in general. Keep up the good work!

Visitor: Porter, gene arlington Va - on: 11-26-1997
E-Mail: gporter AT erols DOT comM
Nice site Guess I'll stop in and browse Friday. Too bad you don't have the white plastic windshield post caps!

Visitor: J.Robert White Delaware,Ohio,U.S.A. - on: 11-26-1997
E-Mail: RWhite5434 AT
I love the idea of this oppertunity to resource and communicate about these great wooden boats! Tom, this is a nice site. Look forward to visiting often

Visitor: HEIDI LANGER, BAY VILLAGE, OH USA - on: 11-26-1997

Visitor: Ron Hammer, Ashland Ohio USA - on: 11-25-1997
E-Mail: RJHAMMER AT britenet
My father owns a 1973 26 foot lap board lyman that he purchased new from a dealer on catawba island. If I re member right, it was one of the last 26 foot lymans made from the factory in Sandusky, Ohio. It's a soft top with a 250 horse Chrysler inboard. We've had many a good day out on Lake Erie pulling in walleye on that boat. It's been through some of the roughest water that old lake could throw at it and the lyman weathered the storm with flying colors. once you've had or have rode in a lyman, you're spoiled for life because there is no other boat that cuts through the waves like a lap board v haul does.

Visitor: Lyman Lover Lou Lanski - on: 11-22-1997
E-Mail: ll1332 AT not DOT nett
Just love those Lymans, boy!

Visitor: Louise Diuk, Massillon, Ohio, U.S.A. - on: 11-21-1997
E-Mail: louised AT raex DOT comn

Visitor: David D. Robertson, Johannesburg, South Africa - on: 11-19-1997
E-Mail: dave AT marketel DOT co DOT za
Great to find such a comprehensive web site on Lymans. I have a 13' 3' - 1951 Lyman runabout with a 1960 Evenrude which I purchased near Lake St. Clair in 1990. The boat is in very good condition and I have lots of fun with it whenever I can which you can see by the address is not as often as I would like! ( home port is Port Dalhousie, Ont ) I had an argument with someone the other day about the number of Lymans built per year. I recalled that the number could have been 5,000 plus. Does anyone know if this is correct? Also is there such a thing as scale model plans for a Lyman as that is about as close to the real thing as I can get these days. Thanks again. I'll visit your site often. Mr. Robertson, please send your correct E-Mail address so that I can again respond. - Dr. Lyman

Visitor: Nils Klykken St. Pete, Florida - on: 11-17-1997
E-Mail: nklykken AT aol DOT com DOT
Smooth. Seamless. Professionally done. It represents you and your work in the manner that it deserves. Lymans are part of my past. I first saw them at the Pilot Knob Boat Shop on Lake George, New York in the mid fifties. My father and I climbed in and out of several before departing with brochures in hand. We eventually purchased a Chris Craft from Hall's Boat Company at the head of the Lake, but the Lymans were always very special for me. They were elegant performers in light chop and speedsters when conditions permitted. I was in and out of many Lymans during the next ten years. I was always impressed with the workmanship. I am very pleased that you have chosen to keep these memories alive for me and for countless others. The best of luck to you and your following. Nils K.

Visitor: ken vollrath, centerville, oh 45449 - on: 11-16-1997
E-Mail: None
have great memories with a old cursiett the 'omar j' later purchased an io drive and both were purchased and own by Orvill Tepper who lived on middle bass island. Boat was used primarily for fishing.

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